August 2017 - Kali Kraum

Three. Coast. Camp. Fourth.

August was a busy and hot and smoky month!

To escape the smoke the girls and I headed to the coast with friends for some camping and some beach fun. It was warmer than expected; enough so that the girls got to splash around in the water and build driftwood forts. It definitely reminded us of northern California beach days!

In other big news, Veda went to sleep away camp for an entire week! Yup, she and her bestie Dottie went to Mountain Camp in the Sierras. She reported that she was a little homesick and might have cried a couple of times but she definitely wants to go back next year.

We're not sure how it's possible that Cora is already 3 since we haven't gotten any older but here she is THREE years old! She wanted a dinosaur theme for her birthday and we happily obliged. Some yummy cake and some of her favorite foods plus bubble blowing a cool new bike and her day was complete!

The day after Cora's birthday was the first day of fourth grade for Veda. Again, what the hell happened?? How is that we have a fourth grader? Veda loves her school and sending her off was no problem - I may have embarrassed her with our yearly photo tradition but I won't stop until well, I won't ever stop.                       

Some highlights below and all of the photos from August 2017 are here.

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